Dear VDN Neighbors and Friends,                      (08/16/2020)

We write on behalf of many concerned VDN homeowners regarding recent actions taken by the VDN Board.  Many homeowners started becoming concerned last year when the Board began talking about hiring a Management Company and invited one such company’s representative to address residents at the Annual HOA meeting in January of this year.  Many homeowners were not allowed to voice their concern or have questions answered due to the Board’s arbitrary decision to stop the meeting at a certain time. A subsequent meeting at the pool with the same Management Company representative resulted in still more unanswered questions and concerns which continue to go unanswered as the Board has chosen to only respond to questions it wants to answer.  Due to COVID concerns, the Board then came out with an overreaching waiver that residents were required to sign before they could use the pool or tennis courts.  Although the waiver requires that residents give up all rights, even the waiver will not allow residents to enjoy the playground, which remains closed.  Then the Board started holding monthly Board meetings via Zoom, but not allowing residents to speak at the meetings.  If you want a question answered, you must submit questions in writing prior to the meeting and the Board decides which questions they will answer during the meeting.

It was also during this time that the Board decided they could amend the VDN Bylaws with a simple vote of the Board.  The VDN Bylaws have been in place since the subdivision was founded in 1980.  Those Bylaws require a vote of homeowners in order to be amended.  Every Board since 1980 has abided by this provision.  This Board decided it would use a technicality – that they could not locate a signed copy of the Bylaws – in order to vote in a new set of “Amended and Restated” Bylaws with just a vote of the four-member Board.  The Board provided no notice, input, consent, or vote of the homeowners before amending the Bylaws. The Board even refused to show any homeowner a copy of the amended Bylaws until after the Board had approved them.  These actions by the Board should concern every homeowner.  The new Bylaws give all the power to the Board , including the authority to:

  • further amend the Bylaws at any time without any notice, input, consent or vote of the Homeowners;
  • have a corporate entity serve on the Board;
  • only require 2/3rds of Board members to actually reside in the neighborhood;
  • choose to have only three (3) Board members instead of five (5);
  • levy fines against homeowners; and
  • Homeowners are not allowed to speak at Board meetings unless “permission” is requested by a member of the Board on behalf of the Homeowner.

If these actions concern you, please consider joining  VDN Strong by emailing [email protected]. All emails will be kept confidential.

Also, feel free to express your concern to the VDN Board at [email protected].


Stephen Schneider, VDN Board President 1996, 2001,2004, 2009, 2010
Donna Schneider, VDN Board President 1993, 1995