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Our VDN bylaws that governed us for 40 years, were removed and replaced without our knowledge or consent.  

Dear fellow VDN Homeowners, 

The purpose of this website is to inform VDN Homeowners of actions taken by the current Board. The actions by the Board have removed homeowners rights to vote and participate in decisions being made that greatly affect our neighborhood.

Amendments to the Bylaws should have been voted on by residents

On July 9, the Board of 4 residents voted to restate and amend the Bylaws that VDN had been using to govern our neighborhood since 1980. The original Bylaws, the Covenants, and Articles of Incorporation all stated that amendments require a vote of homeowners. Not only did residents not get a vote, but they were not even allowed to see any of the proposed amendments until after the Board approved them. The Board unilaterally made this decision for over 400 homes in VDN. When each resident purchased their home, they agreed to be governed by these documents, thus ratifying such governing documents. The Board had no right to amend these governing documents without homeowner approval.

What’s worse is that the amended Bylaws give all the authority and power to the Board, including the right to further amend the Bylaws at any time and with only a vote of the Board, which can now consist of only 3 members – another change they made to the Bylaws. The new Bylaws also allow for a corporate representative to serve on the Board and not all Board member have to actually live in VDN. The Board can also levy fines against homeowners.

The Board has taken away the voice of neighbors

The new Bylaws also say that residents are not allowed to speak at monthly Board meetings unless “permission” is requested by a Board member on behalf of the resident. For over 40 years, residents have been encouraged to attend monthly Board meeting and voice any concerns or ask questions. This Board has taken that right away from residents. In order to have a question answered by the Board, the questions must be submitted in writing prior to the meeting and the Board can then decide what questions it wants to answer.

The Board continues to entertain hiring a management company to manage the affairs of VDN but refuses to allow residents to participate in this process.

Given this Board’s lack of transparency, the Board should not be negotiating on its own to enter into a contract with a management company that would take over managing the affairs of VDN. Residents have tried to be involved in this process, but the Board has excluded participation and at the last Board meeting on August 6, one Board member commented that the Board continues to look at several management companies. Of course, the approximately 50 residents that attended that meeting via Zoom were not allowed to ask any follow-up questions, so it is not clear what companies they are talking to or what services they are looking to outsource. It is also not known how this will affect yearly membership dues.

What must happen next? 

We must work together to rescind the amended Bylaws and we must make our voices heard by this Board. Please go to the link below and sign the petition demanding that the Board rescind the Bylaws:

Sign the VDN Petition:

We also ask that you email or call the VDN Board with your concerns and demand that they rescind the Amended Bylaws and that they stop taking away your rights and voice:

General Board Email Address ….. [email protected]
President, Judy Allan  
Arthur Gutierrez
Linda Trammell

If you want the email and phone of each board member, check your monthly newsletter or the website